Friday, 24 April 2015

Tributes to Sir Philip Carter

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Everton Football Club

Bill Kenwright, Chairman of Everton Football Club, commented: “Words cannot describe my feelings of loss primarily as a friend but also as an Evertonian. Sir Philip was simply a giant...a great man a great leader and the very best friend and colleague anyone could ask for. I never once met him without calling him Chairman. I never will. That title was his by right. He will always have a major place in our great club's history. To his wondrous Lady Rita and his family we send the deepest of condolences together with our undying love and gratitude for his life.”

Roberto Martinez, Manager of Everton Football Club, added: “This is a sad day for Everton Football Club and for every Evertonian. Sir Philip was an incredible custodian of the Club, a pure gentleman and a man I feel really fortunate to have met, for I learnt much about the essence of Everton from him. From my earliest days here, I was able to sit down and chat with Sir Philip at Finch Farm. He was generous with his time and with his recollection of so many of the experiences he went through as Chairman. Some of those moments had been extremely difficult but, ultimately, his guiding hand contributed to some of the Club’s greatest successes and, for me personally, the conversations we shared will always give me guidance in terms of the future that we are trying to build for Everton.

“As a man, he was an example for every Evertonian. He took pride in all aspects of our Club, he loved the community in which we are rooted and he was an Evertonian through and through. I got a real sense and understanding of Everton from the time I was able to spend with him and I am especially grateful for this. He will forever be part of the history of this great Club.”

Robert Elstone, Chief Executive of Everton Football Club, said: “In the last few hours, the world of football has been moved to express great sadness, great admiration and, above all else, great respect for Sir Philip Carter. In such a short space of time, the number of people who have been moved to contact me, and the Club, and the depth of feelings expressed, sums up the great man. One text reads, ‘true gentlemen and the perfect embodiment of the values of Everton’. They are right.

“Sir Philip was part of a small family of highly respected and universally loved ‘football men’; a man who shaped the Game, a man who shaped Everton, and a man who, over the past year, almost everyone I have met has asked about.

“On a personal level, he was a mentor, a confidant, a voice of reason but more than all of that, with his amazing wife, a great friend. Sir Philip left a lasting impression on anyone who entered the Everton Boardroom. He will leave one on me.”

Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Chief Executive of Everton In The Community and Deputy Chief Executive of Everton Football Club, stated: “Today is an unbelievably sad day for everybody at Everton Football Club and for everybody at Everton In The Community. Sir Philip was the ultimate community man - a gentleman, a people’s man, someone with wisdom, character, distinction and strong, abiding principles. What he did for this Club, this city, this community, this country has left a lasting legacy. But today we feel bereft. Our thoughts are with his family - the incredible Lady Rita, his children and grandchildren. We are all devastated by his passing.”

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